Numistral and Research

Numistral is a tool for scientific research. Involving various partners, it offers a wide range of services to support research projects at the Alsatian universities, but also with various institutions. It aims to become in the coming years the Alsatian universities showcase regarding scientific valorization of written and graphic heritage.

Numistral makes available digitized documentary corpuses for the public, stem from the Alsatian universities collections and their partners. Access to these corpuses, as well as their uses, are mostly free, apart from protected documents under intellectual property regulations, for which access will only be possible at the premises of partner institutions.

Numistral is also the portal to present scientific projects carried out from these collections. Your project as not yet been reported? Do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we give it a new visibility.

If you need a specific digital document, you can contact the institution who owns it. You have a scientific project involving the digitalization of a corpus of documents? Do not hesitate to contact us!