How to contribute

Do you use Numistral on a regular basis? Do you wish to contribute? Here are many ways you can help us:
  • If you are in possession of an original document, or even a set of documents that could enrich the Numistral digital collections, you can contact us to discuss digitising these documents for free. In exchange, we simply ask for the rights to distribute them freely on Numistral. You would remain the legal owner of the documents, unless you also wish to donate them to the library.
  • If you know of a document from the collections of the BNU, the University of Upper Alsace or the University of Strasbourg, that you think should be digitised, you can make a request for its digitisation or sponsor it by financing it. If you sponsor a digitisation project, your contribution will be mentioned on Numistral.
  • You can support Numistral’s development by making a cash donation which will contribute to financing our digitisation programmes. This donation would be elligible for tax benefits.
  • You can also help us describe more accurately the digitised documents, either by pointing out a possible error in the description or by providing unpublished information, for example regarding people or places. We regularly schedule events in our partner libraries to collectively contribute to the collections data, and we would be happy to welcome you!

Numistral is a collective tool that everyone can help enrich and bring to life. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about how you can participate in the preservation and dissemination of knowledge and culture.